2.4 GHz Access Point Equipment

TRS-6000 Outdoor Wireless Access Points

The TRS Series is a family of versatile wireless Access Points designed for outdoor installation.  Featuring Power over Ethernet, a weatherproof enclosure and an N-Female antenna port or integrated antenna, the TRS products may be deployed in Access Point, Customer Premise or Point-to-Point applications.

TRS-6000 Data Sheet


TRS-600 Indoor Wireless Access Point

The TRS-600 Series is a family of commercial-grade indoor wireless Access Points.  These versatile products may be used for indoor wireless LAN applications or by Internet Service Providers to establish Internet HotSpot solutions.

TRS-600 Data Sheet


VIP 110-24 Broadband Wireless System

The VIP 110-24 uses patented VINE technology as a networking solution that overcomes NLOS (non-line of sight) problems caused by challenging terrain.  VINE implementation lowers the initial cost of network deployment by using a unique any point-to-multipoint architecture.

VIP 110-24 Data Sheet