3.5 GHz Broadband Wireless System

BWI 3.5 Broadband Wireless Internet System

The BWI 3.5 combines powerful RF technology with industry standard DOCSIS Cable Modem Termination Systems to deliver a reliable, cost-effective broadband wireless solution capable of supporting thousands of subscribers from a single base station.

Key BWI 3.5 features include :

  • 27 Mbps downstream system capacity in a 6 MHz channel
  • 36 Mbps downstream system capacity in a 8 MHz channel
  • 256 Kbps to 10 Mbps upstream burst capacity
  • Near Line of Sight (NLOS) performance
  • Coverage range up to 20 miles (30 Km)
  • Attractive economies of scale through re-use of existing DOCSIS (cable modem) products