900 MHz Broadband Wireless System

LMS4000 NLOS Broadband Wireless System

The LMS4000 has been installed by more companies than any other 900 MHz non-line-of-sight (NLOS) broadband wireless system.  With commercial broadband speeds, true NLOS connections and user-installed indoor antennas, the LMS enables network operators to easily deploy a fast, reliable wireless network that offers a rapid return on investment.


  • Voice over IP support with Grade of Service controls.  Click here to learn more about LMS VoIP support.
  • Low-cost customer premise equipment.
  • True NLOS capability with the EUM3005 user-installable wireless modem and indoor antenna.
  • Integrated outdoor modem with smart diversity antenna and PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • 300-user capacity on a single base station radio.
  • Dynamic Polling MAC software that provides dynamic bandwidth management to maximize system capacity and performance.
  • Integrated Grade of Service (GoS) feature allows operator to define and assign up to 4 GoS levels, including control for special applications such as VoIP and Internet gaming.
  • 2.75 Mbps over-the-air data rate with access speeds up to 2 Mbps.
  • Operation in the 902 to 928 MHz license-exempt ISM frequency band.
  • NLOS range of up to 4 miles (6.4 Km) and up to 25 miles (40 Km) LOS.
  • Built-in diagnostic tools including spectrum analyzer, drive-test utility to map system coverage area and portable alignment tool for the EUM3006.
  • Full RADIUS and SNMP support.

The LMS offers two customer premise solutions for LMS network subscribers:

The EUM3005 Indoor Modem with Indoor Diversity Antenna delivers true Plug & Play capabilities for user self-installation.

The EUM3006 Outdoor Modem with Integrated Diversity Antenna provides extended coverage with an all-outdoor package.

LMS4000 Data Sheet

Application Notes

LMS coverage and system deployment considerations
Propagation advantages of the 900 MHz band
Powerful bandwidth management and Grade of Service features provided by the Dynamic Polling MAC


LMS4000 Starter Kits

LMS Starter Kits are now available with your choice of:

  • 2 EUM3005 with Indoor Antennas
  • 2 EUM3006 Outdoor Modems
  • 1 EUM3005 with Indoor Antenna & 1 EUM3006

LMS4000 Starter Kit Data Sheet


NCL1900 NLOS Wireless Bridge/Router

The NCL1900 is a wireless bridge/router that can be used to address a wide variety of applications and access requirements.  The NCL1900 utilizes industry-leading NLOS (non-line-of-sight) wireless technologies to give operators the flexibility to deliver a suite of broadband services that address various applications and environments.

The NCL1900 provides wireless solutions for:

  • Backhaul applications.
  • Enterprise and campus networks.
  • Extension of existing wireless networks.
  • Providing broadband access to small communities or neighborhood pockets.
  • Leased line back-up or replacement.

NCL1900 Data Sheet