900 MHz Mobile Wireless System

The MobileWAN system is a field deployable wireless access network that is portable and delivers user mobility.

Operating in the 900 MHz license-exempt band, the MobileWAN system offers cost-effective solutions for delivering high-speed voice and data services wherever constant, reliable communications are required.

The MobileWAN system enables Ethernet connections to up to 100 mobile and/or fixed terminals per base terminal, with up to 2 Mbps peak over the air data transfer rates.  With the addition of optional components, the MobileWAN system also has the capability to provide telephone service via an IP PBX, as well as security video and short message text services.

The MobileWAN system includes the MBT9000 Base Terminal and the MMT9000 Mobile Terminal.


  • Over-the-air data rates of 2.75 Mbps with access speeds up to 2.0 Mbps.
  • Supports voice, video and data communications.
  • Enables end-user mobility; suitable for in-vehicle installations.
  • Extended temperature range of –40° C to 50° C.
  • Superior 900 MHz NLOS (non-line-of-sight) performance.
  • Reliable, secure, easy to deploy.

MMT9000 Data Sheet
Presentation on the MobileWAN system and applications