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Two-Piece, All-Outdoor Ruggedized Packaging

There are two main AirPair components: the modem and radio/antenna unit.  The modem unit is designed to be pole-mounted alongside the radio, and is field replaceable.  The radio accommodates a variety of international frequency plans, and can be ordered with a choice of built-in antenna sizes from 12” to 36”.

The all-outdoor AirPair is engineered for the worst climatic conditions you can imagine, from –40˚ C to +50˚ C.

Installs Quickly

The all-outdoor AirPair is engineered for rapid installation with no indoor space requirements.  By eliminating the server room footprint, all that is needed is the LAN and power connections to the rooftop AirPair.

Alignment takes just minutes using AirPair’s two-point visual sighting mount and a handheld PDA.  To further simplify the procedure, rear-mounted visual alignment LEDs provide at-a-glance confirmation of the connection’s accuracy.

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