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The world’s most affordable broadband wireless Ethernet

Today’s high speed Internet demands that you get the most from broadband connections: ever-increasing speeds, carrier grade reliability and, most of all, affordability.  AirPair, the leader in high-speed wireless Ethernet radios, brings together patented RF signal processing and years of broadband expertise to deliver the easiest to use all-outdoor solution in the industry.  AirPair delivers a point-to-point broadband radio that delivers full-rate 50 to 100 Mbps Ethernet IP-based service up to 10 miles (16 Km) without wires.

Ideal for Last Mile Metro Access

The latest broadband networks offer unparalleled throughput using metro Fiber Ring topologies.  However, only a fraction of businesses are accessible to this network due to the difficulties in “last mile” fiber cabling.  The AirPair product family solves this problem by providing 50 to 100 Mbps throughput via a wireless Point-to-Point Broadband Radio that meets carriers’ requirements for reliability, interfaces directly to the metro Fiber Rings as well as the customer LAN, can be rapidly deployed and is extremely affordable.

AirPair is ideally suited for metro optical carrier last mile access applications, allowing service delivery from the metro Fiber Ring to large enterprises, business parks and small to medium enterprises in multi-tenant office buildings.

Wide Coverage and “five nines” availability for Service Providers

AirPair is an excellent solution for wireless Internet Service Providers who want to connect customers scattered over their service area.  Similarly, AirPair can be used by cellular operators who wish to backhaul 2G or 3G traffic from their cell towers to their network.

Operating in a variety of frequency bands to ensure global availability, AirPair is capable of operating over ranges up to 10 miles (16 Km) while meeting the industry standard of 99.999% (or “five nines”) availability.

Fast, Easy Wireless Connections for Enterprises

AirPair is the solution of choice where a high-speed connection between local campus buildings is required.  Operating in licensed or unlicensed bands, AirPair installs quickly and includes everything required to connect two 100 BaseT Fast Ethernet LANs together.

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