Last Mile Broadband Wireless

Whether you are building a wireless broadband network to cover an entire community, serving just a few subscribers in a small geographic area or expanding your existing network, Sagaxis has a cost-effective wireless system that can help you meet your business objectives.

By utilizing a number of different license-exempt frequencies and licensed bands, Sagaxis can deliver a system that fits into the regulatory environment of any country.

900 MHz

Fully scalable non-line-of-sight (NLOS) broadband wireless products that can connect thousands of business and residential subscribers on a single network. Sagaxis offers 900 MHz systems for Fixed Broadband and Mobile Wireless applications.



2.4 GHz

Wireless bridge/routers and 802.11b WiFi systems that meet a wide range of application requirements.  Select from a choice of Access Point solutions and Customer Premise Equipment.



5.8 GHz

Flexible, high performance broadband wireless systems that can be deployed in Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint topologies.  NLOS capabilities and an all outdoor design provide outstanding ease of installation.



700 MHz2.5 GHz (MMDS) & 3.5 GHz

Powerful licensed band systems designed to support thousands of subscribers, cover distances up to 50 Km from a single base station and deliver broadband Internet access as well as value added services such as Voice over IP and digital TV transmission.