Support Program Overview

Sagaxis offers a comprehensive set of services that have been designed to meet the operational support needs of our customer. This document will serve as a guide when selecting the services that will meet your specific needs.

In summary, the general service categories offered by Sagaxis are as follows:

  • Technical Assistance Service
  • Product Warranty and Repair Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Consulting and Planning Services
  • Educational Services

Technical Assistance Service

Technical Support

When you need immediate assistance on any Sagaxis product to answer product questions, solve product problems, help with configurations or applications, our Support Specialists are at the ready to meet your needs.

Our Support Specialists are available to receive your telephone call, your Email message or your FAX. You may use whatever method is convenient to you. This service is available during normal business hours.

Emergency Technical Assistance Service

Available to our contract customers and business partners, Sagaxis provides a 24×7 telephone technical assistance service. This service is available after normal business hours.

Product Warranty and Repair Services

Warranty Service

All Sagaxis products under coverage of the product’s original factory warranty will be repaired at our Repair Depot free-of-charge, providing prompt and reliable service.

Fixed-Price Repair Service

At the expiry of a product’s warranty period, Sagaxis offers a Repair Service for a flat-rate charge. This economical service provides for the repair, retest and return of the unit to the customer in proper operating condition.

Expedited Replacement Service

This is a next day, courier replacement service for faulty units or subassemblies. Often termed “Spare-in-the-air”, this service is ideal for customers who do not stock replacement or spare parts at their support center.

This service is available as a one-time service, charged at a per-instance price, as well as on a contract basis with a fixed annual price.

Maintenance Services

Expedited Replacement Maintenance Service

This program is similar to the Expedited Replacement Service but is available on an annual contract basis. This service is available to our U.S. and Canadian customers.

On-Call Factory Maintenance Service

Available to our U.S. and Canadian customers, this service provides an on-call service by Sagaxis support personnel. Service intervals may be customized to suit individual requirements and are designed to provide support coverage that is flexible and cost-effective.

Consulting and Planning Services

This service is available to any customer, but is targeted to those organizations who generally support their own communications equipment and who occasionally require extra service assistance. This is particularly effective during network planning or network deployment.

Educational Services

Sagaxis offers a full complement of educational programs tailored for every aspect of a product’s use, support, configuration and management.

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Technical Assistance  Services

▶ Technical Assistance
▶ Emergency Assistance

Product Warranty &  Repair Services

▶ Expedited Replacement
▶ Warranty Service 
▶ Repair Service

Maintenance Services

▶ Expedited Replacement
▶ On-Call

Consulting Services

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