Fixed-Price Repair Service

This program provides the repair (or replacement at Sagaxis’s discretion) of any failed Sagaxis product that is out of factory warranty. As part of this service, Sagaxis will bring the product up to the current revision level that is in effect for that product and that the product is capable of receiving.

Turnaround This service is normally completed within 10 business days following reception of the product at one of our authorized repair centers. This turnaround time does not include shipping and/or customs clearance delays.
Service Duration All product repaired under this service is covered by a 30-day Expedited Replacement Service. This period commences from the date of shipment back to the customer.
Freight In Paid by the Customer (including customs and brokerage charges) – Collect shipments are not accepted by our repair depot.
Freight Out Paid by the Customer (including customs and brokerage charges)
Availability Repair charges for discontinued or obsolete products may be on a Time and Materials basis only.
How to Order This service requires a Purchase Order specifying the Fixed Price Repair Service and the product being repaired, including its specific serial number.

The customer must obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number from Sagaxis prior to returning the product for repair. The RMA must accompany the returned product to ensure prompt processing.

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