Expedited Replacement Maintenance Service

This program provides overnight, priority shipment of a “like” replacement unit or module direct to your site. It is an annual maintenance program designed specifically for those customers interested in maintaining their own network, or for a Value Added Reseller who provides maintenance service to their customers. This service is similar to the Expedited Replacement Service, except that this program is purchased on an annual basis. This program will tend to be more cost-effective than the per-instance Expedited Replacement Service.


The replacement product is shipped and invoiced at the customer’s normal purchase price. The customer’s account will be credited the same upon reception of the returned defective product. The defective product must arrive at one of Sagaxis’s repair depots within 10 business days of the service request.

Service Duration

This service is available on a contract basis and is available for a one-year term.

Freight In

Paid by the Customer (including customs and brokerage charges) – Collect shipments are not accepted by our repair depot.

Freight Out

Paid by Sagaxis


A 30-day waiting period may be applied before activating the contract if the equipment to be covered is in excess of two years old and no prior contract had been purchased.

How to Order

The Expedited Replacement Maintenance Service requires a Purchase Order specifying the type of service requested and the product being replaced including its specific model number and serial number.

Sagaxis will issue a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number at the time of the service request that must accompany the returned product.

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