Technical Assistance Service

When you require assistance with some aspect of product operation, or maybe you are having difficulty keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology of your network, take advantage of our technical expertise in optimizing Sagaxis products for your environment.

Technical Specialists can help you with questions about your LAN/WAN, implementing unfamiliar protocols, proper use of product features, and telephone troubleshooting, to name just a few.

No-Charge Service

This service is available during normal business hours 8:00 AM to 5:00PM EST/EDT. It is a no-charge service.

In addition, you may submit a question or set of questions to our Support Email address . If you prefer sending your questions via FAX, these are also graciously accepted. 


This service is intended for customers who are in need of general technical assistance. It is not intended as a configuration service, installation service, or any other service for which a charge would normally apply.

Sagaxis offers a comprehensive set of services that have been designed to meet the operational support needs of our customer. This document will serve as a guide when selecting the services that will meet your specific needs.

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