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Desktop Video Conferencing (DVC) Overview

Sagaxis Desktop Video Conferencing (DVC) is the highest quality IP-based H.323 multi-party standalone video conferencing software application available.  DVC lets you dynamically communicate with your colleagues and clients across any IP network without the need for a conference bridge or Multi-Party Control Unit (MCU).

Sagaxis DVC is designed to take the complexity out of establishing multi-party video conferences, reduce costs and provide a more effective and dynamic means for personal and business communication.

  • Provide a robust, virtual meeting environment from the desktop with high-quality video and audio.
  • Conferences can be quickly set up on existing IP networks.
  • Independent desktop platform eliminates need for dedicated server and saves costs associated with buying and maintaining an MCU or conference bridge.
  • Includes online license server support from Sagaxis to manage desktop licenses and subscription options.
  • Compatible with standard desktop digital video cameras and webcams.
Key Features

  • Intuitive user interface enables quick and simple conference set up.
  • Wavelet and H.263+ video compression.
  • Conference group and address lists simplifies set up and management of conference participants.
  • Advanced bandwidth and call management tools include manual bandwidth over-ride to change frame rate and video quality reception.
  • Gatekeeper functionality enables participants to easily find each other via active email address lists.
Sagaxis DVC supports an unlimited number of potential applications.  Some of the most popular are :

  • Instantaneous virtual meetings that save time and reduce travel costs.
  • Departmental collaboration: initiate online meetings with a mouse click.
  • Distance learning: teachers can deliver courses and interact with students on a real-time basis.
  • Time shift conferences: why sit through an entire conference when you are only required for part of the meeting?  DVC lets you participate as required from your own desk.
Unique Product Benefits

  • No Multi-Party Conference Bridge or other expensive hardware required.
  • ITU standards compliant (H.323).
  • Software only implementation.
  • Includes both Wavelet and H.263 video CODECs.
  • Designed specifically for broadband and corporate IP networks.
  • High quality video conferencing from 56 Kbps to T1 (1.544 Mbps) rates.
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