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Video Messenger Overview

Video Messenger is a new, exciting alternative to text-based email that allows you to record, compress and send video email messages to friends, family, business colleagues, prospects and customers.

Video Messenger emails can be wrapped in a convenient, self-contained player or sent as AVI files for playback on any standard media player.  Your recipient can either launch the video directly from the email application or save the file for later viewing.

Using built-in wavelet compression technology, email created with Video Messenger ensures file sizes remain small for quick delivery and download.


ViewMail is a complete web-based video email system that extends the capabilities of Video Messenger.  ViewMail is used to quickly create and distribute powerful video email using attractive html email templates and personalized messages.

After creating your video with Video Messenger, you can store your video files on the Sagaxis ViewMail server.  Your video email will be sent to your recipient with a unique active link to facilitate simple viewing of your video with minimal download times.

Your video can be sent to a single personal contact or simultaneously to your entire customer base.

Click here to learn more about ViewMail.

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