Video Products

Sagaxis has used its exclusive wavelet video compression algorithm to provide a suite of solutions with video quality that is unsurpassed by any other compression technology available.  The efficiency of the Sagaxis video CODEC delivers unrivaled compression speed, minimum file sizes and maximum bandwidth utilization.

Desktop Video Conferencing

The Sagaxis Desktop Video Conferencing (DVC) system is a standalone, multi-party desktop video conferencing software application that delivers superior video quality and enables up to 8 users to “conference with a click.”  DVC is H.323 compliant, uses wavelet compression to provide enhanced video quality with low bandwidth utilization and requires no expensive MCU or dedicated server.


Video Messenger

Video Messenger is a new, exciting alternative to text-based email that allows you to record, compress and send video messages to friends, family, business colleagues, prospects and customers.


ViewMail is a complete video email system.  Use ViewMail to quickly create and distribute powerful video email using attractive html email templates and personalized messages.  Store your high quality video files on the Sagaxis ViewMail server to minimize download times for your ViewMail recipients.  Send your video email to a single personal contact or simultaneously to your entire customer base.


A powerful workforce collaboration system that gets companies working at the Speed of Sight by enabling high-quality audio and visual communication between remote field staff and central technical experts over any IP network.


ViewImage provides the ultimate archiving and transmission format for high resolution images.  Based on our proprietary wavelet image compression technology, ViewImage provides unmatched image quality at the smallest possible file sizes.  For applications ranging from commercial printing to medical imagery to image archiving, ViewImage is the perfect solution.


ViewStream wavelet-based video encoding delivers the best quality video streaming experience available.  Our cutting-edge video streaming technology delivers unsurpassed Internet video quality with a level of image detail that creates a new industry standard of excellence in Internet and Intranet media delivery.