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Higher quality images at up to half the size of JPEG files

ViewImage provides the ultimate archiving and transmission format for high resolution images.  Based on our proprietary wavelet image compression technology, ViewImage provides unmatched image quality at the smallest possible file sizes.

ViewImage creates images of higher quality at up to half the size of JPEG files.  For applications ranging from commercial printing to medical imagery to image archiving, ViewImage is the perfect solution.

Key Features

  • Stores high resolution images using significantly less space.
  • Handles source images up to 15,768 x 12,766 pixels.
  • Sagaxis wavelet compression is up to 50% smaller than JPEG at equivalent quality levels.
  • Tiny, redistributable file viewer included for use by image recipients.
  • Powerful compressor interface provides total control of image compression parameters.
  • Easy to use interface provides tools for image enhancement and fine tuning.

ViewImage is ideal for sharing medical and scientific images, creating image archives and distributing pre-press production materials for approval and publishing.

Image compression is accomplished through our powerful, yet simple, PC application, which provides rich controls to inspect, optimize, enhance and compress images.

Compressor software tools include a broad range of filters to clean and enhance source images, and batch compression modes to handle bulk conversions.

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