View Link

Portable Wireless Audio/Video Collaboration Solution

ViewLink offers a time-efficient and cost-effective solution to manage geographically dispersed mission-critical activities that rely on limited expert resources.

By providing audio and visual communication between a remote activity point and a consultation point, the ViewLink visual connection reduces or eliminates the need for specialized personnel to be physically on-site to accomplish a task requiring their expertise.

With ViewLink, field personnel have immediate access to an expert for assistance without incurring the delay or expense of business travel.  We call this working at the Speed of Sight.

ViewLink is an innovative solution that provides real-time expertise in almost any situation.

Using our exclusive wavelet compression technology, Sagaxis has put high quality video into the hip pocket of maintenance technicians, paramedics, nurse practitioners or any other field personnel who can benefit from remote diagnostic expertise and decision support.

ViewLink’s unique capabilities were recognized at SuperComm 2004 where ViewLink won the SuperQuest award for Best Wireless/Mobile Network or Service.

Key Features

  • Wireless video conferencing for mission critical collaboration.
  • 802.11b WiFi IP video and two-way audio communication.
  • Wearable, hands-free operation with headset camera.
  • Rugged industrial package.
  • Secure ViewLink Server routes technicians to appropriate expertise.
  • 40k-bit key streaming encryption secures private communications.
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