View Mail

Sagaxis ViewMail lets you rapidly send TV-quality messages via email to thousands of customers.

  • Create TV-quality ViewMail (video email) messages with Sagaxis Video Messenger software.
  • Simple flat monthly subscription pricing packages available for individual accounts.  No per minute fees, unlimited viewing minutes.
  • Send spam-free HTML video email messages to hundreds (or thousands) of your own personal contacts.
  • Choose from a list of pre-formatted, standard HTML templates: birthdays, holidays, seasonal greetings, thank you messages and many more.  Or, create your own custom templates.
  • Categorize your email distribution databases into different user accounts and manage multiple email distribution lists.
  • Easily upload your personal or business email database directly from Microsoft Excel files.
Individuals Click here for more information on ViewMail or to receive information on ViewMail account options and learn how you can sign up for your own ViewMail account.
Service Providers Click here for more information on how you can implement your own private ViewMail server and offer ViewMail accounts to your clients or for further details.

ViewMail Samples