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Q   What is the Video Messenger application?

A    Video Messenger is an exciting new software package that lets you create and send email messages that contain high quality video files compressed using industry-leading wavelet video compression that ensures maximum quality and minimum file sizes.

Q   How do I create a video email?

A    Creating a video message is fun and easy.  Simply start the Video Messenger application, position your webcam in the desired position, click the record button on the Video Messenger interface to start recording and click the stop button to stop recording.  After capturing your video you will be able to view your video, save the video file in AVI format (for playing in any standard media player) or send the video in an email message with an embedded video player.

Q   Do the people receiving my video need special software?

A    If you send a video with an embedded video player, your recipient will require no additional software.  If you send an AVI file, your recipient will require the Sagaxis VideoMail Viewer, which can be downloaded from our web site.  Note that this Viewer is required only the first time a video created by Video Messenger is viewed.  This Viewer is required to decode files compressed with our industry-leading wavelet compression technique.

Q   For how long can I record a video?

A    Video Messenger captures your uncompressed video and audio in a temporary file before compressing the file.  The default temporary file size is 200 Mb, which will let you record videos up to several minutes in length.  You can increase this temporary file size up to 500 Mb by changing the Capture File Setting in the Video Messenger Options tab.

Q   Is there any way to edit the beginning or end of my video?

A    Yes, simply move the Video Start or Video End slide bars to the desired frame where you wish to start or stop your video.


Q   I have recorded a video message but do not hear sound when I play back the message.

A    Please check your microphone connection and ensure that your speakers are turned on and the volume is set to an appropriate level.

Q   I have received a video message as an AVI file but do not see the video when I play the video in my media player.

A    Please ensure that you have the Sagaxis VideoMail Viewer installed on your PC.  If you do not have the Viewer installed, you can download it from this web site (see link on the left side of this page).

Q   When I record a message, the video and sound are not synchronized.

A    This may be caused by a computer with a slow CPU or a lack of memory.  Try closing other applications or restarting your PC to free up memory.  A PC with a highly fragmented hard disk may also cause this problem.  Try running the defrag utility.  If your PC does not have enough processing power or memory, try reducing the frame size or video quality in the Capture Options window under the Options toolbar.

Q   My webcam is connected but my video image is not correct.

A    Click on Capture Options in the Options toolbar and click the check box at the bottom of the window.

Q   Why are some of the image sizes in my Capture Options not available?

A    Some webcams do not support all image size options.  Video Messenger will only allow you to select options supported by your camera.

Q   How do I adjust my image size?

A    Click on Capture Options under the Options toolbar to see a list of all image sizes supported by your camera.

Q   I received an error message when I tried to import an AVI file.

A    Video Messenger supports files that use 8-bit or 16-bit mono, 8 KHz, 11 KHz, 22 KHz or 44 KHz raw PCM audio.  If you receive an error when attempting to import an AVI file, it is likely that your file is using an audio format not supported by Video Messenger.

Q   When I play a new Video Message, I receive a message that I already have a message running.

A    If you restarted your PC while a previous video message was running, certain message elements may remain on your system.  Simply select “No” in the message window and Video Messenger will remove the necessary elements and allow your new message to play.

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