Wireless Backhaul Systems

NCL5005 : 72 Mbps 5.8 GHz System

Featuring data rates up to 72 Mbps, the NCL5005 Series supports high bandwidth applications such as network backhaul and streaming multimedia.  Advanced OFDM technology offers the NLOS characteristics needed for successful wireless deployments.  With increased spectral efficiency and multiple, non-overlapping channels, OFDM is more immune to multipath problems and more resistant to potential sources of interference than other wireless technologies.

NCL5005 Data Sheet


Ultima3 : 12 Mbps 5.8 GHz System

Ultima3 supports 12 Mbps point-to-point links at distances up to 16 miles (25 Km) using an integrated antenna or up to 45 miles (72 Km) with an external antenna.

Ultima3 Data Sheet


Libra 5800 : 32 Mbps 5.8 GHz System

Libra 5800 uses W-OFDM (Wideband Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) to support point-to-point links at distances up to 41 miles (66 Km) at data rates up to 32 Mbps.

Libra 5800 Data Sheet


AirPair : 50/100/200 Mbps Wireless Bridge

The AirPair product family is a series of point-to-point broadband radios that deliver full-rate Ethernet IP-based services at data rates up to 200 Mbps using a range of frequencies from 18 to 26 GHz.

Requiring no server room installation, the all-outdoor AirPair installs quickly and delivers the lowest cost per Mbps wireless solution in the industry.  AirPair is the ideal choice wherever rapid deployment of carrier-grade Ethernet service is required.


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